Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Going With the Flow

Alternative titles could be:

Rolling With the Punches or Mercury Retrograde or You Have to Laugh. All apply.

  1. My laptop died this morning. Don't know if it can be resuscitated. I've put a call in to an engineer. I'm posting this in an internet cafe.
  2. The survey report arrived for the property I was planning to buy. In my opinion Death Watch Beetle + Damp = Trouble. I've withdrawn from the sale.
  3. The sale of my flat is still stuck in the quagmire of lease problems. Just as well perhaps in view of 2) above.

I was talking to a delightful man behind me in the queue at the railway station ticket office this morning - it was a very long queue. I told him about my laptop and he told me about his broken telephone answerphone that kept repeating one nonsensical sentence to anyone who rang him. At one point in his story we both started laughing. It occurred to me afterwards that this was the first time I've really, properly laughed for about a week.

There's a great relief in letting go. You don't necessarily choose when it's going to happen. Sometimes it creeps up on you .....

No substantive blogging (or reading or commenting) until the laptop's repaired/replaced. I hope this won't be too long.

But I'll go with the flow.


Blogger rdl said...

You could become a regular at those cafes. :D

12:45 pm  
Blogger Stray said...

When you say "died", feel free to expand on that in an email to me.

I've mostly given mouth-to-mouth to macs, but I've brought a few PCs back from the dead in my time too. Perhaps it caught death watch beetle?


1:21 pm  
Blogger Jessie said...

Well. If it ain't one thing, it's six. In my notes from Leaving Small's Hotel by Eric Kraft, I kept this line:

"Now and then, when things go wrong, we see that the state of things-going-right is an aberration, that bad luck is normal luck, good fortune is the oddity, and in the long run things go very, very wrong."

If you think about it, that's oddly comforting in some way, like a reminder that none of us is singled out to be the scapegoat of the universe. The Shit Happens Theory illuminated. It's a relief not to have to feel responsible for it all.

2:19 pm  
Blogger zhoen said...


6:49 pm  
Blogger Sky said...

oh, don't you just love it when we fall into uncontrollable laughter, the kind that makes our faces hurt or leaves us with tears sliding down our faces? i laugh best in that way with my sister. we can become silly and laugh at things others would question our sanity over...but, ohhhhhh the release is cathartic, healing, orgasmic.

sounds like the real estate deal would not be a good investment. too scary for my taste.

good luck with the laptop surgery. if you lived nearer i would share my hubby - he does tech magic!


7:55 pm  
Blogger MB said...

Oh my. Well. When it rains it pours, eh? I'm so glad you found a way to laugh! It can be a great release of tension and is always good salve for the spirit. Good luck with everything.

10:09 pm  
Blogger chuck said...

...and the laughter bubbles up from way down deep...

...and then 'all is right with the world'...

...even if everything goes "cattywumpus"...

...even if "mercury is retro", and I'm late for the metro...

10:36 am  
Blogger starnitesky said...

Oh I hope it won't be long before your laptop is fixed, we have come to depend on our computers so much to keep in touch with our friends through emails and blogs.

I am sorry to hear about the property you were going to buy, I hope you will find something better (I am sure you will).

Glad to hear you were able to enjoy laughing with the man, laughter is such a release.

Love and light

11:29 pm  
Anonymous Becca said...

It's so strange that when things are just "sort of bad" it is really depressing ... but when everything falls apart at the same time ... you can only laugh! Don't be away too long ... we so enjoy your posts!

12:24 am  
Blogger herhimnbryn said...

Marvelous the way laughter can find us, isn't it.
Hang in there.

2:39 pm  
Blogger Mary said...

Thanks everyone. The laptop has risen from the grave, but then it was my turn to get sick ....

Everything else? Just letting it unfold.

11:55 am  
Blogger Dale said...

Hugs. Thinking of you, Mary.

5:55 am  
Blogger LJ said...

Had you noticed (of course you had)that Mercury was still nastily close to a square with Saturn as it went retrograde? Or, as Marko puts it, square the "flaming shitbrick."
Noticably so.
So terribly glad you aren't buying a place with death beetles.
Let us slog backwards through this time, patching the holes, propping up what's buckling and hope that we can hang in until it passes.
I send empathy.

11:52 am  
Blogger Mary said...

Dale: thank you .....

LJ: Oh yes, this particular retrograde is something else. Love your penultimate sentence. And the empathy is accepted with thanks. x

6:56 pm  
Blogger leslee said...

Ai. Hope you're feeling better. Yes, when it rains it pours, and then someone offers a metaphorical sunny yellow umbrella to stand under (I'm thinking of a certain one that reads, "Merde, il pleut." Mercury is retrograde, time to rethink everything and read the fine print. Glad you stopped on the house buy. Something better will turn up when it's all ready to move forward again. In the meantime, well, you gotta laugh!

10:48 pm  

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