Saturday, May 06, 2006

A break

blossom 1

I posted something this morning, but on reflection I didn't like it so I have taken it down. My apologies to LJ, who was kind enough to leave a comment.

I am tired, mentally and physically. The words just won't come, the ones that do aren't good enough and I am not coping well with the pressure to keep the blog fed. It has stopped being the pleasure that it ought to be, so I am going to take a break from blogging until things start to flow again.

In the meantime, here's a photo of this year's blossom which has been heart-stoppingly beautiful. Much of it is a thing of the past now - we have had heavy rain today ....


Blogger Ratatosk Writing said...

Hi - I can empathise with everything you have just said.

These words reach out to you in friendship and I offer you a hug down the blog lines !!

I hope your muse returns soon, it will I am sure when your inner well is replenished.

Best wishes - Shani

5:22 pm  
Anonymous Jess said...

Buenos dias, Mary. It should be a pleasure, not a burden. Hope you´re well.

7:43 pm  
Blogger Pam in Tucson said...

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9:08 pm  
Blogger Pam in Tucson said...

Sorry for last post - had a horrible typo and pressed publish instead of preview.

I understand how you feel - every now and then, despite amazing blogger friendships, blogging becomes a responsibility rather than a pleasure. I've enjoyed your blog very much and, although I rarely comment (I'm not much good at words), I've come along with you for several months. Hope you get rejuvenated and return soon. I'll miss your writing and beautiful photos. Perhaps you would keep in contact by posting one of your beautiful photos, such as this one, every now and then? No need for words - the picture is beautiful in itself. All good wishes ...

9:15 pm  
Blogger zhoen said...

I'm right there with you. Blogs can sit a long time living off their old words.

Take your time.

3:45 am  
Blogger MB said...

Mary, I hope you find the time and way to rejuvenate yourself soon. It sounds like it's been a long week. The photo is absolutely lovely. Take your time, dear friend.

4:30 am  
Blogger rdl said...

Oh Mary, i know what you mean, but why do we put this pressure on ourselves. whatever and whenever you write is fine.

6:12 am  
Blogger Dave said...

Every experience in this journey has many turns. You took this one enjoy the trip.

11:41 am  
Blogger Tamar said...

Hello there, Mary. I stopped by and am enjoying this beautiful photograph. Breaks are necessary for refueling. Thanks for the photo while you take your break.


11:55 pm  
Blogger leslee said...

Ai, Mary, by all means take a break. I know the feeling of not being able to write, or even to keep up with reading. I had a very long spell of that. Take the time and when you feel like returning you'll know. And we'll be here.

4:57 pm  
Blogger Endment said...

May you find rest and refreshing for both your body and your soul --- may your joy be renewed. We will miss you.

9:16 pm  
Blogger phlegmfatale said...

take time for yourself, hon. We'll be around when you come back. Best wishes to you.

3:31 am  
Blogger g said...

Omigoodness. Were you feeding the blog? They can have ravenous appetities, you know.

Better to breathe and walk.

If you find spare words or images in your travels, deposit them here, and let them go.

5:11 am  
Blogger Mary said...

Thanks everyone. I'm appreciating my time off but will probably be posting again sometime around next weekend I'm hooked :-).

Shani: welcome, your kind comment appeared when I was still online after putting the post up .. it really helped.

Jess: Buenos dias: como esta? You're right of course ...

Pam: Yes, I'm thinking of using photographs more at busy times for me ...

Zhoen: It's going to sit until the end of the week probably. :-)

MB: Your comments are always sensitive and helpful ..thank you.

Rdl: I had a feeling you would understand ... and why do we do it indeed?

Dave: I have been enjoying the trip this week ... :-)

Tamar: Glad you like the photo .. thank you for the hugs.

Leslee: Knowing that bloggers like you have been there is terrifically helpful. Thank you.

Endment: I have needed the break but won't be away for long. I would miss everyone too much.

PF: Your cheerfulness and kindness are always appreciated. Thank you.

G: Now you really made me laugh. Yes, my blog has a ravenous appetite but it is also extremely picky! You wouldn't believe the trouble I have keeping it happy ... ;-).

5:21 pm  
Blogger Dale said...


When my blog gets uppity, sometimes I need to make it go without its dinner for awhile.

Lots of love. Wish there wasn't that inconvenient continent and ocean between us.

11:06 pm  
Blogger Mary said...

Ah Dale, thank you ...

5:33 pm  
Blogger Sky said...

Beautiful photograph.

Sending wishes for tranquil days and drowsy nights where deep sleep rocks you into new life in morning light.

8:16 pm  
Anonymous pohanginapete said...

Enjoy the break, Mary. Relax, forget about the blog and return refreshed, when you feel ready.

11:40 pm  
Anonymous kate said...

. . . ahhhhh, the tiredness :) I am coping with my own by judicious utilization of snacks, naps, tv, and beers with friends . . . and your lovely flower picture of course, too . . . may this find you filling up with yummy goodness and energy . . . :)

2:35 pm  
Blogger Mary said...

Sky, Pete, Kate: What supportive comments. Thank you. They really do help.

9:51 pm  

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