Tuesday, April 25, 2006


I do like memes. This one is from LJ.

- Name three books that have truly shaken your worldview.

  • The first large world atlas I came across as a child. Don't know its name. I fell in love with maps and the idea of travel as I traced imaginary journeys.
  • Writing Down the Bones - Natalie Goldberg. Bought on LJ's recommendation. Writing as spiritual practice.
  • The Chrysalids - John Wyndham. I was haunted by this book. First published in the 1950s. Post-apocalyptic novel set in Canada in a fundamentalist society that has survived a nuclear holocaust and does not tolerate any kind of deviation or mutation, be it in plants, animals or people. It doesn't date - if anything it's more relevant now than when it was written. I prefer it to the author's better known Midwich Cuckoos and Day of the Triffids. If you've read The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood you will see some similarities ....
  • There are many, many others.

- Name three movies that make you wish you'd written the script.

  • Transamerica: Fresh in my memory - some great lines.
  • The Fisher King: Redemption plus fantasy, pathos, wit and humour.
  • The Straight Story: Spare, beautiful dialogue. Each word counts.

- Name three things you like about yourself.

  • My willingness to do things that scare me.
  • Mischievousness. I like my playful streak.
  • The ability I have to be objective when necessary.

- Name three careers you think you might have been good at.

  • Postwoman: A good job if you are a lark rather than an owl. A useful service, fresh air, exercise and on the whole people are pleased to see you. As a bonus you get time to do other things at the end of the official working day.
  • Gardener.
  • Teacher of English as a Foreign Language: I may still try this.

- Name three things you say to yourself all the time.

  • Stop reading blogs and go to bed: Self explanatory.
  • Stop worrying: Ditto.
  • I need to phone X (insert name):I'm punctilious about returning calls,

- Name three things that you know now that you didn't know three years ago.

  • That I would start trying to write.
  • Relationships of all kinds work better when you don't try and control people and outcomes. And it's such hard work, controlling.
  • I can trust my intuition. The trick is learning to recognise it.

Feel free to use this yourself on your blog if it appeals.


Blogger LJ said...

Oh goodness. I was SO young when I read "The Chrysalids" and it really did make me think beyond my world view. It started a lot of strange notions that continued to develop over the years. Thank you for reminding me of that wonderful book.

Postwoman. Oh yes, yes, yes! Next only to shepard in my books. Especially in England, where it rarely (I assume) snows to the same height I am.

Now. Stop reading blogs and go to bed. :)

9:18 pm  
Blogger herhimnbryn said...

Thankyou for sharing this. A great and insightful list. Ditto re, 'The Chrysalids'. Read it at school. Now I must read it again.

I think I might ahve a go at this meme!

10:39 pm  
Blogger rdl said...

Well that was fun; Writing down the bones - one of my favs. too.

2:02 am  
Blogger MB said...

Writing Down the Bones — me too.

I would only suggest amending "that I would start trying to write" ... to "that I would start to write." Your blog is suffient proof to me that you have begun to write!

And I am glad!

8:41 pm  
Blogger Tamar said...

Ooh, "Writing Down the Bones" rocked my world! I then read everything Natalie Goldberg ever wrote!

12:54 am  
Blogger Sonia said...

Thank you Mary, for sharing this meme. I like so much to know more about you.
The Straight Story is a particular favorite of mine, too. Very moving story!
I also said to myself: stop reading blogs and go to bed! LOL!

3:00 am  
Blogger Sky said...

I enjoyed reading this and learning more about you. :)

3:03 am  
Blogger Brenda said...

Me too! :) Writing Down the Bones, alas, is the only one I've read, and I still consider some things she said. Have you ever looked at "Fruitflesh" by Brandeis, another favourite book on writing.

Your comment on intuition intrigued me. That is exactly what I, too, have discovered. Intuition is powerful, just knowing how to recognize it amidst all the other perceptions clamouring for attention.

Thank you for sharing this.

1:27 am  
Blogger leslee said...

Oh, I love The Fisher King! Every once in awhile they show it again on TV (I saw it first in the cinema) and I watch it all over again.

And yes, I need to stop reading blogs and go to bed, too!

2:38 am  
Blogger Mary said...

It was fun and thought-provoking doing this meme, but as always it is the comments that really make the experience and I have so much appreciated them .... thank you all!

6:42 am  
Blogger Jessie said...

Oh, yes, I loved The Fisher King!
Postwoman--how lovely, to be paid for getting fresh air and exercise!

7:31 pm  
Blogger Mary said...

Jessie, that's the way I look at it too. :-)

6:01 pm  

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