Wednesday, February 01, 2006

.. and see nothing

Night trees

The breath of life is in the sharp winds of change
mingled with the breath of destruction.
But if you want to breathe deep, sumptuous life
breathe all alone, in silence, in the dark,
and see nothing.
The Breath of Life - D.H. Lawrence

When I read Beth's clear and lucid post at Cassandra Pages on the via negativa I was reminded of this poem.

In explaining the meaning of the term Beth writes:

"One throws out previous conceptions and approaches "God" in what can NOT be seen, felt, touched rather than trying to define the Holy in normal terms related to everyday life. ........ The via negativa does not negate beauty, light, life and love; in fact it is a way to begin to see and embody them as they really are, existing side-by-side with their opposites, no longer denied but accepted and held, gently, in the other hand. "

This post, and the one which prompted it, are well worth the read.


Blogger zhoen said...

Oh. The poem. I once sat in the deep dark white of a heavy snowfall by a black lake. This was how I felt. Oh.

3:22 pm  
Blogger MB said...

...and when I read the poem I thought of Beth's post. They do go very well together. Thank you, Mary!

8:17 pm  
Blogger Mary said...

Zhoen: You describe that experience so vividly I can close my eyes and be there by the lake with you. "The deep dark white ...". Thank you.

MB: There is a connection between poem and the post isn't there? Glad you feel it too.

9:11 am  

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