Sunday, October 16, 2005


Nothing fixed, swirling changing mists
with sudden blazing sunlight
here then gone

Trying to hold on;
fast shallow breaths;
if the grip weakens,
the known-yet-unknown pit
will yawn beneath

A man built a tower; rather
transition is
an invitation to
let go utterly,
saying yes,
into the dance pulsing
through all that is;
wild music,
stamping feet,
wide-open eyes
reflecting the fire, the fear.


Blogger zhoen said...


2:33 pm  
Blogger MB said...

"saying yes, release into the dance pulsing through all that is" - This made me smile - lovely! I'm so glad to have read this today. Thank you.

2:14 am  
Blogger Jean said...

Wonderful! This made me think of the spiritual practice that exists in many traditional cultures of walking over hot coals - if you do it with confidence you don't get burned - you'd think you would, but apparently coal doesn't conduct heat as well as you'd think and if you keep moving, dancing... I'm can see you dancing, Mary, a graceful and courageous shadow against the glow...

11:57 am  
Blogger Dale said...

Ooh. Nice.

8:01 pm  

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