Sunday, October 09, 2005


My fear of exacerbating my existing internet compulsivity was one of the reasons I hesitated before starting a blog. And after almost one month of blogging, the amount of my time spent on the net really has not changed that much. I am still not comfortable with my patterns of behaviour around internet use, they get in the way sometimes of other things I want to do/should be doing. I am therefore going to have two days in the week as computer ‘fasting’ days.

Tuesday and Saturday are the days I have chosen, though this may change from time to time through real life factors. If you find me around on either of these days I am breaking my commitment, so feel free to tell me off.

Yesterday was my first experiment, and from 8.00 am Saturday to 8.00 am Sunday I packed my laptop away out of sight, knowing that it was not an option. And the day took on a spaciousness that is absent when I dart backwards and forwards at intervals to blog or surf. I phoned a couple of friends, did housework, read the paper, gave a back massage to a friend as a birthday gift and then listened to a Jeff Buckley CD. Phone calls to more friends followed and a deliciously lazy couple of hours on the sofa with supper and a good TV programme.

Back on line this morning, but a confidence has been born that I can, bit by bit, re-establish some balance and structure into a life that has been emotionally and physically unmanageable of late. This is supported by a renewed commitment to a daily meditation practice.

It has been a most beautiful and sunny early autumn Sunday here in London. I walked by the Thames on the way to a meeting, did some shopping then spent a relaxed hour with a former work colleague having a cappucino and catching up on news. And now back home to start preparing for the final week in my current job.


Blogger Michael Manning said...

Very nice site. I've linked you! I must say that I don't think there's a "hard and fast rule" about Blogging. So, I admire your relaxed approach. Many of my friends take the weekends off. I don't and hope you'll visit my site today for a good laugh! Cheers!!

6:10 pm  
Blogger said...

this was beautiful, thanks :)

7:52 pm  
Blogger Mary said...

Michael: Welcome, and thanks for the comment and input re blogging.

Jarrett: Thank you! It's really good to have a visit from you. I have been a silent admirer of your writing for a while now.

9:52 pm  
Blogger Dale said...

Oh, good. I was hoping that I wasn't leading you into temptation, by urging you to blog :-)

6:24 am  
Blogger MB said...

I agree, balance is an important goal!

10:31 pm  
Blogger leslee said...

Great idea. I should do this on weekends - weekdays I'm usually online working, so it's awfully hard not to check blogs when I'm already at my computer! Maybe a couple of nights a week would be good, too. Time does open up when you're not tied to the electronic time-sucking device (much as I love the great connections it's also afforded me).

6:52 pm  
Blogger Mary said...

Dale: Unfortunately I am the person most likely to lead myself into temptation! These days I am generally able to extricate myself from it more skilfully where necessary....not always though.

Moose and Leslee: Balance is very hard to maintain I find as it is not a fixed quality.

Leslee, I picked 1 weekend day and 1 work day. Having said that, I have to go online at the moment on Tuesdays on my work PC for work purposes. The embargo applies primarily to my home laptop where I have been spending hours at a time if I'm in on Tuesday evenings.

5:29 am  

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